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Summer Flicks

Chloe M., Staff Writer

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It’s that exciting time of year where the days get longer and the school countdown gets shorter. Summer. What better way to enjoy the upcoming summer vacation then to cool off with a lemonade, gather up your friends, and enjoy the perfect summer movie.

Diary of a Wimpy Kid: Dog Days is the perfect flick to get you in the summer frame of mind. The film is based off of middle school alum, Greg Heffley’s personal diary, as he conquers the awkward stage of middle school. With the help of his witty best friend, Rowley, Greg finds himself visiting his crush Holly Hills, Peyton List, daily at the country club that both Rowley and Holly belong to. Greg makes an agreement with his older, mischievous brother, Rodrick, to keep his secret between them as long as he sneaks him in to see Holly’s older sister, Heather. As Greg’s anxious father, Frank,  insists on him taking the internship at his office, Greg is quick to state that he indeed has a job at the country club. Frank soon discover’s that Greg was really lying to him and in result,  considers the idea to send him to a military academy called Spag Union.

Greg continues his summer by going on a wilderness weekend with Frank, in order to avoid Spag Union. Frank and the neighboring troop leader, Stan, have an ongoing feud, which eventually brings Greg and his father closer together again. The main reunites after camp at Heather Hills’ Sweet Sixteen birthday party where Rodrick’s tone deaf band, “Loded Diper” performs a rock rendition of Justin Bieber’s, Baby, Heather’s favorite song. The movie ends with Holly and Greg reuniting at Heather’s, now destroyed, party, after an action packed summer.

Overall, this movie is the perfect film to get you into the summer spirit. With it’s constant jokes, hilarious adventures, and relating situations, Diary of a Wimpy Kid is for all ages. So sit back, relax, and enjoy this summertime flick!

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Summer Flicks