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Tip On Running In The Summer

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Waking up and being motivated to run or workout in the dog days of summer can sometimes be a bit of a struggle. However, once you do hit the trials here are some tips on how to run at your full potential.

1. Make sure you stay hydrated not just while running or working out, but all day. Hydration is key to feeling good when exercising. The more water you drink over a longer period of time, the better you will feel.
2. Eat something small or light before you workout/ run. Exercising on an empty stomach, especially on a hot day, can influence a lack of energy and will make you feel sluggish or light headed. If you are going on a long run or a heavy workout it is a good idea to have a small snack with you such as a protein bar, fruit, or some nuts.
3. Keep note of your posture and form. On hot summer days you want all your energy while running and try to avoid expending unnecessary energy such as swinging your arms too much or running hunched over.
4. Have a plan. Having a plan will keep you on task and motivated to get up and and exercise!

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Tip On Running In The Summer