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Nintendo discontinues highly successful NES Classic Edition

Payton Rehl, Staff Writer

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After 5 months of extreme success and popularity for their NES Classic Edition, Nintendo has already decided to discontinue the product globally, announcing it in the US on April 13th. The console, now considered a collectible, was a miniature version of their original claim-to-fame, coming with their 30 most popular games, from Pac-Man to the very first Super Mario Bros.

Despite its huge success in markets, Nintendo has always had struggles with keeping up with the demand for the console, often selling them out in just a few hours. While the product originally costed only $60 for the entire console, due to the lack of stock and intense search for them, they are currently being sold for around $300, almost five times its original worth. However, the rest of the console stock has yet to be shipped out, soon to be available online for a limited time and possibly in select stores.

Nintendo’s decision to discontinue the product probably stemmed from its problems with stock, along with the possible expiration of a partnership with the factory responsible for production. It can also be attributed to the release of the Switch along with its Virtual Console store, possibly in an effort to divert consumers to the more expensive yet modern console. However, the cancellation has probably been in planning for a while, as seen by Nintendo’s initial comment on the NES classic being a limited time product.

While the classic NES may be cancelled, there has been speculation about Nintendo releasing a follow-up SNES classic mini, to partner with the previous NES and Famicon Minis. The SNES, while not the original, was one of Nintendo’s most successful consoles, holding tons of memorable and great games, more so than the actual NES. While it has not yet been confirmed, Nintendo’s SNES may hit store shelves soon, perhaps this time in bigger numbers

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Nintendo discontinues highly successful NES Classic Edition