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Beauty and the Beast

Chloe M., Staff Writer

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A tale as old as time that is true as another one of Walt Disney’s films can be. One of the greatest Disney films to date, that has had countless remakes, Beauty and the Beast, but regardless of the new, jaw dropping, remake with Emma Watson, the original 1991 film is still a timeless classic.

The story is centered around Belle, a young intellect who is sick of her provincial  life. Belle, who is seen by the people as beautiful, but odd, rejects the alpha male of the town, Gaston, and his several marriage proposals. Gaston and his henchman, LeFou, stop at nothing to guarantee Belle will become the next Madame Gaston.

Meanwhile, Belle’s inventor father, Maurice, travels to a fair to debut his new invention where he gets lost and discovers a quiet, but enchanted castle. In the castle, Maurice encounters a sweet talking candelabra named Lumière and a punctual, paranoid clock named Clogsworth who tries to warn them that the master wouldn’t approve of a stranger in the castle. The beast is revealed and locks Maurice in a dungeon, but Belle comes to his rescue and pleads with the beast for her to take her father’s place.

Belle stays and is welcome into the castle by Lumiere, Clogsworth, Mrs. Potts & Chip, a tiny teacup, who all serve her a grand feast as she is their first guest in a while. Belle and the beast’s relationship grows into a friendship and the servants start to believe that Belle could be the girl to break the curse and make them all human again.,

The Beast and Belle have a fresh start and have a romantic dinner while Mrs. Potts sings the timeless title song, “Beauty and The Beast”, while the 2 waltz. The beast gives Belle his magic mirror so she can see her father and he gives her freedom  to leave as Maurice is in trouble.

Back in the town, Gaston tries to say Maurice and Belle are crazy when they speak of the beast, but to his dismay, Belle proves Gaston wrong with the magic mirror to reveal the beast. Gaston and his mob break into the castle to kill the beast, but the servants and the Beast defeat Gaston and his many followers.

The Beast dies and Belle finally admits she loves him, breaking the spell and making the Beast and all of the servants human again. The movie ends with Belle and the Beast, now, again a handsome prince, waltzing in the ballroom to the title song.

If there’s any movie to watch this spring, it’s, without a doubt, Beauty and the Beast. The stellar soundtrack of Alan Menken and soothing voice of Paige O’Hara as Belle makes every musical number worth wild. There is simply nothing to critic in this Walt Disney classic. So “Be Our Guest” because we insist you watch this great film.

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Beauty and the Beast