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How to Stay Motivated

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Being motivated to eat healthy and stay in shape can be difficult after a busy day when all you want to do is sit on the couch and eat snacks. Although the couch is tempting here is a few ideas to postpone that date.

1. Get a workout buddy. From personal experience, I can say having a workout out buddy to keep you accountable for
your workouts is really helpful!

2. Join a workout class or club. Much like the previous tip, this can keep you motivated and and accountable knowing that you don’t have to workout alone.

3. Use a Fitbit or My Fitness Pal. Actually being able to see your progress and activity will keep you on task and also let you see what changes and improvements you need to make.

4. Get enough sleep. Feeling sluggish and tired in the morning or after work/school is not going to help your motivation to get to the gym, so make sure you catch those Zs!

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How to Stay Motivated