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Boys Basketball dribbling to playoffs

Meah Watson, Print Editor-in-Chief

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Although some may be upset that Friday nights can no longer be spent chanting in the bleachers for PT football, basketball season is here, so the Rowdy Red can come and cheer even louder in the gym.  With their intense preparation and ambitious goals for the season, the boys basketball team proves they are worth watching this year.  

Prior to basketball season, these athletes kept in top shape by going to the gym and running drills and exercises individually to refine their skills and to become stronger players.  When team practice started, the team came together and were ready to dominate the season.  

“Practice runs about two hours.  We stretch, do drills, run through plays, and analyze our opponent’s strategy and how we can beat them,” said junior center player Andre Williams.  

Although practice is challenging, it is where the team improves their game.  

“Every year I try to do my best to help the team in any way possible.  I always try to work my hardest and give 100 percent in every practice,” said junior center Jake Cortes.  

Last year, the boys ended the varsity season  with a record of 14-10 and qualified for playoffs. This year, they only hope to improve.  

“This year we have a really good group of shooters.  All of our guards can make any shot, but we now are trying to get even better at our layups,” said Cortes.  

In conjunction with their obvious talents, their goals motivated them to work hard.

“I hope we can win our section and make a good run in the playoffs together,” said senior guard Danny Kita. “Individually, I want to improve my game all around.  In order to do this, I go to practice every day ready to work.”

However, being successful on the team comes with some challenges off the court as well.  

“Everything gets a little harder when basketball season starts because of how tired I can be after practice,” said Cortes “I just use my time wisely and sleep any chance I can.”

While facing intense practice and schoolwork every day, time management is important.  

“My schedule is always hectic because at the start of basketball season I am just ending football season.  To get everything done I unfortunately have to stay up pretty late,” said Williams.  


But with all of the challenges that come with being a part of the boys basketball team, it is always worth it in the end.  

“We are like a family and everyone looks out for one another, said Kita.  “Having a good team dynamic makes playing together fun and easy.”

Their hard work has already begun to pay off.  Just one month into their season the boys have a record of nine wins and two losses, winning against rivals such as Bethel Park and Thomas Jefferson.  Be sure to come out and support the boys basketball team as they finish their season and make it into playoffs.  

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Boys Basketball dribbling to playoffs