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Les Miserables

Mack Mendenhall, Staff Writer

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Mark your calendars for the weekend of March 30-April 2, because Thespian Troupe #185 is bringing the legendary “Les Misérables” to the PTHS stage. The show, widely loved and appreciated by millions since its Paris premiere in 1980, has brought audiences to their feet all over the world and is a favorite among many theater-goers. Rehearsals are already underway for this highly anticipated spring production. A riveting, dramatic tale of love, loss, redemption, despair, and triumph, “Les Mis”, as it is often referred as, promises to be nothing short of spectacular, from its hilariously entertaining numbers, such as “Master of the House”, to its heartbreaking laments such as “I Dreamed a Dream”.

It was quite the eventful road to the beginning of musical season this year. “Les Mis” was announced to mixed emotions from the thespians, ranging from joyous celebration over the opportunity to perform an incredible story to utter bewilderment and fear of attempting to pull off such a highly technical show. Usually, auditions and callbacks take place and the cast list is posted the following week. However, a number of circumstances delayed the release of the lis by almost three weeks, and by December, the suspense was killing those who had auditioned.  Students took to Twitter to share their frustration and excitement; “#postthecastlist” soon became a popular trend among thespians. Finally, the directors announced their decisions, immediately setting off an explosion of triumph and disappointment among cast members, mixed with relief to start rehearsing the show. Interested in who’s who in “Les Mis”? Read below for the cast biographies of the main characters.

Mason Dowd – Grade 10 – Jean Valjean

What do you think will be the most challenging aspect of doing this show?

I think the hardest part will be blocking the show without the set being built yet.

Rebecca Gialanella – Grade 12 – Fantine

How did you feel about the audition/callback process?

Getting a callback after your audition is one of the best feelings. Our callbacks this year were a pretty intense all day event. It’s always really exciting to see all of the other talent and observe the many different interpretations of a scene, song, or dance – everyone has their own style!

Joe Belfiore – Grade 12 – Javert

What was it like to have to wait so long for the cast list to be posted?

Waiting an entire month for the cast list was honestly god awful. I mean, usually we just have to wait about a week or so but this year was excruciating, especially because it was “Les Mis”.

Chloe Mesogitis – Grade 11 – Eponine

What aspect of doing “Les Mis” are you most excited for?

I am so anxious to just start the show in general. Learning the music is always so much fun because you get to see how excited everyone is once everything comes together. I’ve been singing “Les Mis” since I was seven, so I’m so incredibly excited to be apart of this show. It’s every little girl’s dream to play this role. I’m so grateful to be portraying my dream role and to act alongside some of my closest friends.

Jonah Philipp – Grade 12 – Marius

How did you feel about the audition/callback process?

Tell me a little about your experience this year. We kicked off callbacks just as you would expect: with Mason Dowd and myself running a tight corner lap around the entire school to get the blood flowing and the musical juices churning. Callbacks were different than any other year in the way that I could tell right away who was going to knock their part out of the yard. And once casting came out, it was clear every single person deserved the role they were given.

Arianna Ranallo – Grade 10 – Cosette

What are some of your expectations for the rehearsal process/putting the show together?

I’m really hoping and expecting that everyone adds a little something extra to their parts beyond the stereotypical portrayal of each character. I think it is always a beautiful thing to watch a cast grow into each of their parts and build off of each other.

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Les Miserables