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Second Semester Senior Blues

Mack Mendenhall, Staff Writer

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It’s that time of the year when a bittersweet feeling starts to creep in: we’ve survived half a year of tests, homework, stress, and college preparations. The light at the end of the tunnel finally seems to be somewhat visible. Yet the realization is hitting us that this is it: only one more semester of high school events, going to school dances, supporting our favorite teammates at their sports games.

How do we deal with the conflict of emotions over the next few months? Some seniors have had everything figured out for as long as they can remember: they’re going to the school of their dreams, they’ve known what they wanted to study their whole lives, and they’ve already chosen their roommate and bought all their dorm room decorations. Others aren’t as prepared. They’re still pondering over dozens of post-high school options, from attending a university to taking a year off and getting general courses out of the way at a community college, or even exploring the advantages of a trade school, going into the military, or traveling abroad for missions work.

No matter the decision they make, students will hopefully look back on their last few months at PT and remember fondly how they worried so much about their future, which in hindsight, worked out pretty well for them. Here’s to letting go of all the stress of graduation and truly enjoying our last few months here in “The Bubble”.

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Second Semester Senior Blues